Myanmar migrant workers protest to demand wages

More than 300 Myanmar migrant workers working at a factory which produces shrimps in Maha Chai, Samut Sakhon province, Thailand, stopped their work on April 24 and staged a protest to demand a month’s salary.

Workers claim they didn’t receive their wages for over a month and they had made a complaint to Thailand’s labour protection department. They are currently in negotiation with representatives of their owner, said Ye Min from Aid Alliance Committee.

“Over 200 MoU workers and other 100 workers staged a protest to demand their due salary,” said Ye Min.

He said officials from the labour protection department, leaders of the workers and representatives of the factory are making negotiations and Myanmar officials from labour consulate did not get involved with the situation. When he rang the labour consulate to report and one labour attaché answered it and then let the call rang off. They did not answer the my next call.

Ye Min questioned the government on appointing of labour attaches as they cannot deal with migrant worker situations at all.

Millions of Myanmar migrant workers are working in Thailand and while facing exploitation and violation of labour rights. About 15,000 migrant workers entered officially into Thailand through the border gate monthly.

Thai government enacted a new labour law in 2017 to control illegal migrant workers and if found out, the workers and their employers are liable to a heavy fine or a prison sentence, according to Labour Ministry of Thailand.